Jindara Homestead Freestanding Wood Heater

This attractive fan forced wood heater offers a small wood storage

area  A terrific heater for people who have trouble bending

as the firebox is higher - less bending makes it eaier to load

Heating capacity - up to 18 squares           Heating Type - Convection

Flue diameter - 6 inch (150mm)          Base type – Pedestal

Fan – 3 speed comes as standard

  • Self cleaning fireplace window
  • Quiet high performance 3 speed fan
  • Heavy duty steel firebox
  • Firebrick lined firebox for maximum efficiency
  • Firebrick lined heater base
  • Deep firebox for infrequent cleaning
  • 10 Year limited warranty

Warwick's Exclusive Jindara Dealership

Price: $2,115.00